Bhatia quits as Rangers hike season ticket prices

QPR vice-chairman Amit Bhatia has resigned on the day the club announced their ticketing structure for the coming campaign would see a hike of up to 40 per cent in some areas.

The west London club sealed promotion back to the Premier League earlier this month after an 11-year absence.

The investment of Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore and Lakshmi Mittal has transformed the club in recent seasons, with Bhatia brought onto the board and acting as a representative of the Mittal family.

But Bhatia has now announced he will be leaving the Loftus Road club as he is unhappy with the proposed future direction of the club, and in particular the season ticket spike and recent decision to part with CEO Ishan Saksena.

In a letter to the club’s board Bhatia said: “It is clear to me from recent board meetings that my vision, strategy and direction for the club is very different from that of the other shareholders and board members.

‘The recent decisions to sack club CEO and chairman Ishan Saksena and significantly increase season ticket prices are just two of the decisions I disagree with.”

QPR fans are furious after it was revealed they will be charged up to £72 to attend home games, with the cheapest ticket set at £47.