BG staff are top earners

STAFF at gas explorer BG Group make the most profit per employee of all the UK&rsquo;s largest 100 quoted companies, it was claimed yesterday.<br /><br />Each BG employee added over &pound;1m a year to the company&rsquo;s bottom line, according to research from the Motley Fool. The research also said that British Land workers generate the highest revenue per employee of all the FTSE 100 firms, with its 62 full-time staff each contributing over &pound;3.5m in revenue towards the firm&rsquo;s annual top line.<br /><br />The FTSE 100&rsquo;s top employees generated annual revenues in excess of &pound;3m per person. By comparison, the typical FTSE 100 worker generated some 15 times less &ndash; around &pound;210,000 &ndash; in annual revenues. Meanwhile, FTSE 100 executives made in excess of &pound;1m in profit for their employers.<br /><br />This is over 50 times more than the average employee generated at Britain&rsquo;s blue-chip quoted companies.