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Dead Space 3 | Various platforms
The survival horror classic is back. This time more of the action takes place on the surface of a deserted planet that isn’t a million miles away from the one in Ridley Scott’s Alien. If it lives up to the last two, buying this will be a no-brainer.

Beyond: Two Souls | PlayStation
This incredibly realistic “interactive drama” tells the story of Jody Holmes, a girl who isn’t too impressed when she develops some rather destructive telekinetic powers. Ellen Page (the girl from Juno) plays the lead.

ZombiU | Wii U
Set to be one of the Wii U’s launch titles, Zombie U is a graphic survival horror game which uses the Gamepad to great effect – hold it to the screen and it becomes a scanner or a sniper scope. Swing it and it becomes an axe. Brilliant.

God of War: Ascension | PlayStation
It may be the fourth instalment of the franchise, but Ascension looks like another hit. It is stunning and gory in equal measure – a suitably bloodthirsty outing for Kratos, the eponymous God of War.