<strong>COOKSON</strong><br />Deutsche Bank has upgraded its forecast in metal products supplier Cookson from &ldquo;Hold&rdquo; to &ldquo;Buy&rdquo;. Despite previous cuts, due to the brokers&rsquo; belief that Cookson may breach its covenants on its debt in December. It says it still regards the firm as a high-risk recovery play but has upped its target price to 500p, from 305p.<br /><br /><strong>MARTSONS</strong><br />KBC has advised investors to lock in value with Marstons and withhold its estimations in Marstons&rsquo; shares as a secure &ldquo;Buy&rdquo;. It says that the pub retailer has been somewhat muddied by controversy about the rights and wrongs of recent rights issues but that these are now firmly behind it and to expect improved trading and strong future prospects.<br /><br /><strong>BSKYB</strong><br />Investec has updated its forecasts in media giant BSkyB, adjusting price targets to 515p from 450p, though maintaining its recommendation of &ldquo;Hold&rdquo;. The broker says that it is loath to push the high end of range 2011 estimates given Sky&rsquo;s history, despite positive predictions for HD and broadband sales which have been strong in recent months.