Simon Brown, analyst at Northland Capital, says shares in home builder Bovis are a “buy” due to higher margin land. The broker rates shares in the company at 449p per share. Since the downturn, Bovis has acquired more land and has succeeded in bringing land through planning, which has boosted the margin potential at current average selling prices, the broker says.

Collins Stewart rates the support services group “buy” following a positive investor day last week. The broker said the firm’s integration of Eaga, the energy efficiency product maker it bought earlier this year, appeared to be creating greater savings than initially anticipated. It gives shares in the company a target value of 475p per share.

Talk Talk
Evolution Securities rates the technology firm as a “buy” given the medium-term benefits the stock presents for investors. The broker points to the threat from Sky, although says the danger it poses is “widely exaggerated”. It views shares in the company as low, given the firm’s healthy balance sheet. Evolution gives the shares a target price of 190p per unit.