<strong>BELLWAY</strong><br />UBS upgraded Bellway to &ldquo;buy&rdquo; after its trading update confirms a stabilising market. The broker has factored in write-downs in 2010 of &pound;54m, and has new earnings per shares estimates of 15.27p in 2009 and 1.19p in 2010. <br /><br /><strong>GO-AHEAD GROUP</strong><br />Go-Ahead&rsquo;s pre-close update has shown the company to be on track for Royal Bank of Scotland&rsquo;s 2009 forecasts, but the broker has reviewed its 2010 divisional outlook, brought its estimates in line with consensus and downgraded to &ldquo;hold&rdquo;.<br /><br /><strong>GKN</strong><br />Goldman Sachs issued an update on GKN after it announced its plans for a &pound;403m rights issue. The broker views the announcement as a positive for GKN shares as it addresses near-term refinancing concerns and rates the stock a &ldquo;buy&rdquo;.