Belgian PM to be EU President

AFTER months of speculation Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy was&nbsp; last night named as Europe&rsquo;s first President, with trade commissioner Lady Ashton recruited to head up the Commission&rsquo;s foreign policy.<br /><br />Rompuy &ndash; who beat former BritishPrime Minister Tony Blair to the feted role &ndash; is Belgium&rsquo;s centre right Prime Minister, and is credited with easing the cultural tensions that threatened to tear the country apart last year.<br /><br />Ashton, who was previously the Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council, has had a long career in public office without once being elected by voters. <br /><br />Married to the former journalist and respected pollster Peter Kellner, she said she would pursue a policy of &ldquo;quiet diplomacy&rdquo; to advance the EU&rsquo;s interests on the international stage.