Beach bombshells

THIS season, sexy isn’t about thongs. It’s about celebrating and supporting your curves in unapologetic bombshell fashion, preferably in bright colours. Flying off the shelves is structured swimwear that snugly holds and controls curves without looking frumpy. As any man will tell you, there’s nothing unsexy about a big chest and wide hips, but the teeny bikinis of the past few years would have you think differently.

Sharon Neale, product development manager at John Lewis, says sales of control swimwear, with proper cups in the top, are up 85 per cent on last year at the shop. “You can have really nice, supportive swimwear that makes you look sexy. Producers have clocked on to that, and there’s a lot more choice now. Anything that makes ladies less body conscious is doing very well just now.” Hoorah.

Celine by Key Leaf, £96
A fashionably vintage take on the tropical motif. Super sexy.

Allie by Agent Provocateur, £145
From the Call of the Sirens collection, this is pure bombshell stuff.

Polka Fashion Swimsuit by Lepel at John Lewis, £29
Classic yet sexy, providing a structured take on the frivolous polka dot.

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams, £32
Who knew tie-dye could be so cool?

Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams, £28
From Sadie Frost’s affordable, super-cute swimwear line.

One Shoulder Swimsuit in Pink by Top Shop, £25
Conservative and yet so, so not, in the season’s hottest shade.