BA's business-only flights launched at City Airport

BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) yesterday launched its premium-class only flights from London to New York, as its chief executive said the route would be profitable within a year.<br /><br />The flight, which comes as passengers shun upper-class flying in a bid to save cash, goes from London City airport, and stops in Ireland. The flag-carrier has traditionally made most of its revenue from premium ticket sales.<br /><br />The service will cost those wanting a return trip, in a fully-flat bed from &pound;1,901.10. Analysts say tickets average out at &pound;4,000.<br /><br />BA has dismissed criticism that the era of premium travel is over, and expects demand to be high.<br /><br />&ldquo;It&rsquo;s a difficult environment, but I think this is a measure of confidence,&rdquo; said boss Willie Walsh.<br /><br />Customers will be able to arrive at the airport up to 15 minutes before departure.