Banks expect growth in jobs

Julian Harris
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HIRING intentions in financial and business services are higher than in any other sector, recruitment group Manpower revealed today.

The sector is leading the way out of recession, with positive intentions of +16 per cent for the second quarter of this year, according to Manpower’s latest survey. This was its strongest quarterly rate since the winter of 2007.

The government sector is the gloomiest, with negative hiring intentions of -22 per cent, representing a two decade low.

However, overall employers are expecting an increase in recruitment in the three months to June, according to the survey.

Voluntary redundancy schemes in local government are frequently oversubscribed, the report found.

“We believe this demonstrates that there is actually some confidence among public sector workers that they might be able to find opportunities elsewhere,” said Manpower’s Mark Cahill.

Relatively high business confidence in London was confirmed by a separate survey released yesterday by accountancy group ICAEW.

“London businesses report that their staff development budget is on average 0.6 per cent higher than 12 months ago,” its report said.

This is the first sign of recruitment growth since the end of 2008, ICAEW said.

While overall business confidence stands at +9.6 in its index for the beginning of this year, in London morale is up at +20.6.