Banchetti's boutique nets 1bn

RICCARDO Banchetti, the former Lehman Brothers European boss, has landed restructuring contracts worth over &euro;1bn (&pound;911m) for his new boutique advisory firm.<br /><br />Banchetti, who is suing Lehman for $26m of bonuses and share options that the investment bank failed to pay him after it collapsed spectacularly last year, has secured a slew of work within just three months of operation.<br /><br />The mandates have been won by his London boutique Pactum Advisers, the firm he launched with several former colleagues from Lehman which focuses on advising Italian corporate clients. <br /><br />The firm provides advice to companies on unwinding complex derivative positions and restructure their debts, drawing on Banchetti&rsquo;s experiences during the Lehman collapse. <br /><br />Banchetti is thought to be confident the firm can sustain the stellar levels of growth in the coming months.<br /><br />He joined Lehman in 1993 and rapidly ascended the company&rsquo;s fixed income derivatives arm. <br /><br />He later became head of European liquid market sales at the investment bank before being tasked with setting up an Italian fixed income sales team. <br />