Bad UK harvest forces Weetabix to halt making some cereals

Michael Bow
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WEETABIX, the iconic cereal brand, has been forced to temporarily halt production of its mini biscuit range after last year’s disastrous harvest for farmers across the UK.

The popular Kettering-based brand, which was snapped up by Chinese firm Bright Food in November last year, has struggled with the poor quality of some wheat the UK harvest produced last year.

It has been forced to halt production of its Minis and Oatibix Bites range while it finds a solution to the poor quality of wheat from the harvest.

Weetabix, which is committed to only using UK wheat, is one of several companies to have been hit by last year’s bad climate.

It has told retailers and customers about the production problems

However, it is thought the shelves will not be empty for long, with the company close to restarting production of the popular bitesize cereals after tweaking the engineering system making the cereal. A spokesman said: “The weather has caused a change in the quality of the wheats. Production has not halted completely but it has been badly disrupted.

It has caused a shortage of Minis and Oatibix.”