Back and on a mission

Theo Fennell is a man on a mission to roll back the years to the days when his jewellery was draped around the necks of celebrities such as Elton John and Victoria Beckham.

He left the company in 2008 after a boardroom dispute and his departure ushered in a bleak period of falling sales, with only past glories to look back on.

Fennell has always put emphasis on the quality of the design and believes the company became too sidetracked by corporate considerations. Dubbed the “King of Bling” his designs have included jewel encrusted skulls.

In the past he has admitted: “Yes, I can still behave in a stampy, queeny way”, and is reputed to fight his corner, particularly when protecting the identity of the Theo Fennell brand.

Yesterday he set out his stall with a pledge to bring the firm back into profit. Fennell, 58, is back and without a doubt this time it is personal.