BAA lawyers start airport sale appeal

AIRPORT owner BAA will today challenge the Competition Commission&rsquo;s (CC) ruling to make it sell three of its seven UK airports.<br /><br />The CChad said Spanish-owned BAAshould dispose of Gatwick, Stansted, and either Glasgow or Edinburgh, as it dominated the UK airport market.<br />But BAA, eager to hold on to Stansted airport at least, is challenging the move.<br /><br />It claims the CC&rsquo;s demands are unlawful because of alleged links between Peter Moizer, a member of the CC panel, and an organisation which had voiced interest in buying Gatwick &ndash; which BAA put up for sale last year in a pre-emptive move to appease the CC. Mozier stepped down from the panel days before the ruling was published.<br /><br />The airport owner is also opposing the move because it is worried it won&rsquo;t get enough for its assets in the slump. That said, it seems to be willing to part with Gatwick as soon as this week, even if it doesn&rsquo;t get a premium price.