BA strips perks away from striking crew

BRITISH Airways (BA) has withdrawn travel perks for cabin crew walking the picket line, the airline confirmed.

Staff taking part in the work stoppage this coming weekend and last weekend have been told they will loose their access to heavily discounted travel as a result of walking off the job.

A spokesperson from the airline said the perk is non-contractual and that BA can withdraw it at anytime.

Unite, the union representing the striking crew, condemned the move, which BA said it warned staff about in January.

“This is the clearest possible example of BA’s bullying and contemptuous approach to its employees. Cabin crew showed last weekend that they will not be intimidated. Unite will challenge this vindictive move in whatever way seems appropriate,” said the union.

Unite said that many staff rely on the discount in order to travel to work after the airline decided to move the majority of its functions from the regional posts to Heathrow Airport.

Last weekend’s three-day strike cost the airline £21m and the four day walk out planned for this weekend is likely to go ahead.

Currently BA and Unite are not in talks to avert the strike.