BA’s £3m share package for bosses risks inflaming tensions with Unite

NEWS of a £3m pay package for British Airways (BA) executives has fuelled criticism of the airline by trade union Unite which has accused the airline of striking the deal on the same day strike negotiations were taking place.

BA agreed a share deal that will see a seven-member executive committee awarded close to £3m by 2013 should the airline hit its financial targets.

Executives Keith Williams, Robert Boyle, Andrew Crawley, Garrett Copeland, Drusilla Maizey, Roger Maynard and Anthony McCarthy have all signed on to the airline’s shares plan.

Unite has accused BA of having agreed the share deal on the same day it tabled a last ditch offer to avoid the strikes.

Unite assistant general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Cabin crew aren't luxuriating in share windfalls - they're too busy fighting to save their livelihoods and seem to be the ones truly concerned about BA’s future.

“Management must set aside self-interest. Only negotiation and a genuine commitment to healing the rifts caused by BA’s war on its workforce will deliver this airline the future we all want for it.”

A spokesperson from BA said that the share scheme was in line with other FTSE 100 companies.

He said: “This [the share scheme] is so we are able to obtain the best candidates and remain competitive.”

Chief executive Willie Walsh has declined to take part in the scheme, which was announced late last month.