Ba room brawl at end of term party

WEST HAM’S miserable week descended into farce at the club’s end-of-season gala dinner as police were called in order to break up fights between fans and security guards.

The trouble was allegedly sparked by the refusal of striker Demba Ba (right) to sign an autograph for a supporter, who paid £275 in order to attend the event, at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

The Senegal international is said to have turned down the request on account of being “too tired”.

That snub led to the enraged fan abusing the player and as security staff attempted to calm the situation punches and plates were thrown and tables turned over, while it was claimed that one fan high-kicked a glass vase from a table.

West Ham’s players had been instructed to turn up to the event and warned by letter they would face a fine of a week’s wages if they failed to do so.