BA and Unite resume talks in a bid to avert strike

WILLIE WALSH, chief executive of British Airways was last night locked in talks with Unite, the union representing cabin crew in an attempt to avert strikes set to commence tomorrow.

Walsh was in talks with Unite’s joint general secretary Tony Woodley for most of the day, but refused to say if progress had been made on a deal.

A spokesperson from Unite said that if talks proved unsuccessful, the reality of a strike looked very likely.

Unite general secretary Tony Woodley said that the strike will only be averted if BA puts its earlier offer, which included a three-year pay package, back on the table.

Analysts estimate that BA will loose £27m this weekend if the industrial action goes through, with a total of £105m for the entirety of the strike period.

It is understood that BA has already received over 100,000 cancellations from customers as a result of the ongoing battle with Unite.

A strike is also planned for a four-day period starting 27 March, where BA currently has no contingency plans.