Au revoir but not goodbye promises Buik

SAD news in the Square Mile yesterday, as it was revealed that City stalwart David Buik, known for brightening up inboxes all over the capital with his poetic commentary, was leaving his job.

Buik emailed friends yesterday morning to “inform you that Cantor Index dispensed with my services in making me redundant.”

However an ever-upbeat Buik vowed that it would be “au revoir but not goodbye” as he told The Capitalist that he already had two or three irons in the fire for his next career move.

Buik also confirmed his love of the Square Mile was going strong: “I still absolutely love what I’m doing” and promised that “the old boy intends to be back soon.” It just goes to show that you can’t keep a good pundit down.

■ Just when The Capitalist thought that the Tesco (and Iceland, Lidl, Aldi) horsemeat joke repertoire had run its course, if you’ll pardon the pun, a supper party on Friday proved that there was life in the horse gags yet. The Capitalist hears that Tom Pope, a consultant at Monitor – the firm which was recently acquired by accounting giant Deloitte – was hosting a dinner over the weekend and concocted a plan to play a joke on unsuspecting guests by telling them, after the meal had concluded, that his homemade lasagne had in fact been a horsemeat feast. However after a spot of procrastination on an exotic meats website, he thought why not go the whole hog (or horse) and promptly ordered a packet of pony mince to serve as the surprise filling. Horses for courses indeed – and apparently nobody could tell the difference!