Arsenal would be only other job for Sands

David Hellier
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UNTIL yesterday, Standard Chartered chief executive Peter Sands had allowed a hunch that he was seeking the job of Bank governor to become a gnawing possibility in the minds of many who work with him or are close to the emerging markets bank. Internally, he has often joked that the only job he would take apart from the one he currently holds would be that of manager of Arsenal football club, his local team. But until he ruled himself out yesterday, he had failed to dampen the growing speculation that the Bank governorship might have been another dream role he could have contemplated leaving Standard Chartered for.

Sands joined Standard Chartered via the consulting firm McKinsey in 2002 and he became chief executive in 2006. After the banking crisis he worked with the previous Labour administration to help recapitalise Lloyds and RBS.

He is seen as a somewhat quirky personality by bank chief executive standards. He is married to Betsy Tobin, an American novelist, and is supremely comfortable joining her and his children at summer music festivals. His children all went to a state primary school near their home in Highbury.