Architect to advise on Gatwick runway

Marion Dakers
GATWICK has hired Sir Terry Farrell, the architect behind the MI6 headquarters and South Korea’s Incheon airport, to advise on its goal to build a second runway.

The airport has tasked Sir Terry with finding an “affordable, deliverable and sustainable” way to expand at the south of London airport.

Sir Terry said he firmly backs expansion at Gatwick, adding that he sees the focus on a large single hub such as Heathrow as “over-engineered and unnecessary”.

The appointment came as Europe’s air navigation group warned of a continent-wide capacity crunch looming in the next two decades.

Eurocontrol predicted yesterday that the number of flights in Europe will rise 50 per cent to 14.4m between 2012 and 2035.

It forecasts that 1.9m flights that could operate will not have space to fly and 20 airports will be operating at more than 80 per cent capacity, compared to just three at the start of the period. However, these figures have been cut since Eurocontrol’s last report in 2008, before Europe’s financial crisis made a dent in demand for air travel.