Apprentice star Saira Khan goes back to school

HATS off to Saira Khan, the TV presenter and business-woman who has just completed a tour of 72 primary schools with the BBC.

The former Apprentice star has been teaching children about business and showing them how to think about cash flows, profits and marketing techniques.

Tomorrow she is visiting Gillespie Primary School in Arsenal as an invitee of its newly-formed magazine club.

She will be grilled by pupils who are fast gaining some skills in their interviewing techniques, having already quizzed the former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere about his open water swimming and members of the Arsenal Ladies football team, as well as their own headmaster.

Saira is ready for the challenge. “Discussing money, how to make it and trying to make lots of it are not topics the British people are comfortable talking about.

“But money is a subject that dominates all our lives. For me money, work and business have been avenues by which I have been able to recognise and realise my own potential, help others and live a comfortable life. It is for these very reasons I want children as young as eight to start thinking about money, how they want to make it, what they would like to do with it. With that i want to plant a seed in their psyche that with a strong hard work ethic, self belief and taking a few risks in their life, like moving away from their home town to find a job or go abroad to get some work experience, they can achieve whatever they want.”

■ The RBC Race for the Kids, which raises money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, will be holding its annual race this Sunday, 24 June in Battersea Park.

This is a family-themed event and is open to the general public. RBC, which stands for the Royal Bank of Canada, will be there in force, including co-head of investment banking Patrick Meier and European CEO Harry Samuel.

Last year's Race for the Kids raised over £400,000 towards the development of the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

There are over 560 RBC runners (up from 500 last year) taking part in the race.