Apple's store on Regent St bears fruit

APPLE&rsquo;S flagship store in London is so successful that it rakes in more than double the amount of cash per square foot than most of its rivals.<br /><br />The Regent Street store took &pound;60m for the year ending September 2008, giving it a sales density of &pound;2,000 per square foot.<br /><br />In comparison, the average Currys store took in just &pound;555 per square foot, while an average Comet store fetched &pound;611 per square foot and John Lewis&rsquo;s sales density was &pound;687.<br /><br />Supermarket giant Tesco is the only retailer which gave the Apple store a run for its money, clocking up average sales of &pound;1,217 per square foot.<br /><br />The flagship store accounted for almost half of the &pound;143.2m worth of sales that were generated through Apple&rsquo;s UKstores in 2008.<br /><br />Apple&rsquo;s two-storey shop, which spans 28,000 square feet, has been luring in shoppers with its space-age layout since it opened in 2004.<br /><br />The phenomenal success of the iPhone, which costs up to &pound;538, and the iPod touch, priced around &pound;283, has ensured continued interest in the cult gadget maker.<br /><br />Analysts are waiting with bated breath for Apple&rsquo;s next product, expected to be a tablet computer that will compete with e-book readers like Amazon&rsquo;s Kindle.<br /><br />The store operates a policy of displaying every Apple product available and allows visitors to use its Macs to browse the internet.<br /><br />Verdict analyst Neil Saunders said: &ldquo;The Apple store has the benefit of being slick, polished and displaying everything, which will tempt more shoppers.<br /><br />&ldquo;It also tends to have more stock than any of its rivals, which allows it to sell more of its in-demand products&rdquo;<br /><br />Apple products also have the advantage of not being prone to discounting, meaning prices are similar in most outlets and consumers are less likely to shop around.<br /><br />Curry&rsquo;s owner DSG will today update the market and many analysts hope the group will outline plans to see off competition from its rivals.