Apple remains world’s biggest brand as US dominates top 10

APPLE may have seen its share price tumble in recent months, but it remains by far the world’s most valuable brand, according to research released today.

A survey of the world’s top 100 brands carried out by Millward Brown and commissioned by marketing giant WPP, found that the power of the Apple brand is worth $185bn (£121bn), a one per cent rise on last year’s value.

The research suggests that while Apple has lost much of its shine on Wall Street, the recent share decline has had little impact on public perception of the firm. The value of its major rival Samsung rose by 51 per cent over the year, although at $21bn it remains some way off Apple.

The global list was dominated by US companies, which made up the nine most valuable brands with Chinese mobile operator China Mobile coming in at number 10.

Among UK firms, Vodafone retained its top spot, although its brand value declined by eight per cent to $39.7bn, while BT shot into the top 10, boosted by advertising spending around the Olympics, the biggest marketing event of last year. Visa, another big Olympic sponsor, saw its brand value rise 46 per cent, propelling it to ninth place from 15th a year ago.

Perhaps surprisingly, the perception of banks has not suffered a downturn, with Standard Chartered, HSBC and Barclays all remaining in the top 10 and the latter two improving their brand values by 24 per cent and 30 per cent respectively. Mobile network O2’s brand value fell 30 per cent.