Apple goes on defensive over Samsung threat

APPLE has launched an aggressive marketing push after its major rival Samsung unveiled its latest iPhone challenger, a rare defensive move from the California-based company.

Following Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S4 on Thursday night, Apple has sent its customers emails and set up a webpage espousing the benefits of the iPhone 5 while making negative claims about its rivals.

The webpage, titled “There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else,” follows unusual attacks on Apple’s competitors from Phil Schiller, the firm’s marketing chief.

On the eve of the Galaxy S4 launch Schiller gave interviews intended to emphasise the weaknesses of handsets running Google’s Android – the software that runs on about 70 per cent of smartphones sold around the world, including the Galaxy S4.

Apple’s webpage and emails, released over the weekend, contained many of the same arguments as Schiller’s. They claim that the iPhone’s screen and camera are superior to others whilst the Android software is insecure and fragmented.

The series of slights against Android suggests that Apple – which has seen its share price fall by more than a third since its summer highs – feels the iPhone’s position as the world’s bestselling phone is more under threat than ever.

High profile technology figures such as Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify founder Daniel Ek have recently suggested that Apple’s advantage is diminishing.“Android is getting a lot better,” Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

The Galaxy S4, which goes on sale in April, has had a largely positive reception since it was unveiled in New York on Thursday. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, has been the biggest challenger to Apple’s crown in the 10 months since its release.