Apple fans rush to buy first iPhone 4s

Steve Dinneen
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APPLE fans queued for more than six hours to get their hands on the first batch of the firm’s new iPhone 4 yesterday.

The iPhone fever was heightened by rumours the same supply issues that dogged the release of the iPad would strike Apple’s latest must-have gadget.

But while supply was plentiful yesterday, early reports claim the phone suffers from reception problems when held in certain positions. The issue is thought to affect the phone’s mobile data connectivity when held across the stainless steel rim spanning the edge of the device.

Stores in the United States, Europe and Japan all started stocking the phone yesterday, with Apple staff offering a standing ovation to those who had waited all night.

It sold a record 600,000 in pre-orders in a single day last week, and analysts now expect Apple to set a record for being the first company to sell a million smartphones in a single day. Analysts now expect Apple to ship at least 10m smartphones a quarter, as output ramps up to meet demand. Google’s four per cent of the market will rise to 11 per cent this year, while Apple’s share is expected to remain steady at 14 per cent.