Apple breaks with tradition by apologising for warranty policy

Ben Southwood
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IN A BREAK with his predecessor Steve Jobs’ reluctance to give apologies, Apple boss Tim Cook yesterday said sorry to its Chinese customers for the firm’s after-sales service.

Responding to vociferous attacks in the state-run media – in outlets such as China Central Television and the People’s Daily newspaper – Cook apologised for Apple’s failure to offer new iPhones with full warranties in cases where the phones needed major repairs.

He also apologised for the company’s attitude to its second biggest market, which state media had called arrogant.

“We are aware that owing to insufficient external communication, some consider Apple’s attitude to be arrogant, inattentive or indifferent to consumer feedback,” Cook said in a letter in Chinese on the company’s website.

“We express our sincere apologies for causing consumers any misgivings or misunderstanding.”

Apple promised to replace iPhone 4 and 4S phones instead of repairing them, handing out new one-year warranties from the date they were replaced.

This warranty policy is already in place for the iPhone 5.