Apple accounts for a quarter of smartphones shipped globally

APPLE has regained its place at the top of the global smartphone shipments table with almost a quarter of the market share, booting Samsung to second place, according to Juniper Research.

Of the 149m smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter, 37m were iPhones, while Samsung followed a few million handset shipments behind.

Juniper puts Apple’s success down to its offer of older iPhone models at “rock-bottom prices” in the face of a range of top-market Samsung phones.

Nokia lagged behind, with shipments down 31 per cent year on year.

Juniper’s research shows 14.4m BlackBerry handsets were shipped in the fourth quarter. A RIM-sponsored report from GfK, however, said that BlackBerry was the top-selling smartphone in the United Kingdom, averaging just over a quarter of UK sales.