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ALBUMS – £1.19
Albums is a very smart music controller application, offering a brilliantly tactile alternative to the iPhone or iPod Touch’s normal library system which will appeal to anyone who misses the days of handling real CDs. In the old days, after you bought a new CD it would likely sit around on your desk or near the CD player for weeks while you gave it a good listening, instead of immediately dissolving into the iTunes ether. Albums replicates this.
Developed by Edinburgh company Random Sequence, it simulates CDs lying scattered around on a virtual desk. Select music from an existing music library to add to the desktop; you can then shuffle them around, flip them over for track listings, view large artwork. Apart from anything, it reminds you how a whole album could be more than the sum of its separate parts.
Random Sequence is now developing music-related app theme. Its latest creation, Intro Quiz, tests your knowledge of your own music, and it’s free.