Any Other Business - 28/06

Yesterday was “Hug a Banker” day in the City. Pedestrians walking down Bishopsgate at lunchtime might have been one of those (un)lucky bankers accosted by one of Caxton FX’s touchy feely employees and offered a hug. Surprisingly not a gesture of affection for the Square Mile’s cuddly workers, but all a cunning marketing ploy. Still, it did bring a smile to The Capitalist’s face when workers from RBS, whose building the hug givers were standing outside, had to decline because they couldn’t risk their bosses seeing them in a disloyal embrace. One asked if he could have his “around the corner instead.” Sometimes, a handshake really does suffice.

It was almost a year ago that City A.M. reported on the launch of the Cruyff Foundation’s newly refurbished sports ground in Haringey. A year later and The Capitalist is pleased to report that a team of young footballers from the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation made it to the final of 2013 Cruyff European Championships in Barcelona earlier this month, representing the UK. Overall winners were the Danish team, who beat the Netherlands 4-3 in the final. The Cruyff Foundation’s state-of-the-art games area was built by former Dutch star Johan Cruyff in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, and provides young people in London with a safe place to play sport.