Any Other Business - 19/07

Can you take insights from the bedroom to the boardroom? Author Avril Millar apparently thinks so. Her distinctly adult approach to business can be found in a new book called The Kama Sutra of Work. “Sadly, we’ll always spend more hours working than having sex, but the concept I introduce in the book will make both a little more fun and fruitful” was Millar’s description of the new tome. If you are looking for an “orgasmically satisfying and fulfilling work life”, dear reader, then this may be the summer read for you. But you might need plain covers to take it to the beach.

The City of London is by no means short of weird and wonderful traditions, and this afternoon the Mansion House – the Lord Mayor’s not-so-humble abode – will play host to one of the quirkier Square Mile ceremonies known as the Passing of the Water. A group of liverymen from the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators will present Lord Mayor Roger Gifford with a jug of water as part of a ceremony that dates back to 1197. However, he better not use it as a thirst-quencher to cool down from the heat – the inscribed jug will be filled with a measure of water scooped up from the Thames.