Any Other Business - 13/06

To St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday for the battle of words between Archbishop Justin Welby and Barclays boss Antony Jenkins (pictured) on the motion: The City and the Common Good – What kind of City do we want? Although organisers were keen to point out that any mention of good or bad banks was in no way a sly reference to RBS, which last night lost its chief executive. Indeed “too big to fail, too big to bail” was the elephant in the room, with Welby admitting: “Tonight I can't say anything at all, about very much at all.” Nothing like a good debate, is there?

Excitement is mounting in City A.M. towers as D-Day for the Gherkin Challenge draws ever closer. There are less than two weeks to go until four City A.M. runners will be ascending the dizzy heights of the 30 St Mary Axe summit – on foot. Our team will be running up the 38 flights of stairs, along with hundreds of other participants, to raise money for children’s charity the NSPCC. And the City A.M. team are not taking training lightly, hiring a personal trainer and warming-up with training sprints up Canary Wharf tower blocks. To sign up for the Gherkin Challenge on 22 and 23 June, register on the website: