Any Other Business - 12/07

■ We all know that man of the people chancellor George Osborne is partial to a late-night Byron burger, as last month’s “shamburger and fries” stunt revealed. But perhaps all those takeaways have gone to his waistline, as the chancellor was spotted with a fitness tracker bracelet on his wrist at yesterday’s Treasury Select Committee. The £100 Jawbone Up wristband is designed to track the weight, sleep, exercise and mood of the person wearing it. If he is worried about his weight, Osborne might want to renounce his title of beer drinker of the year, which was bestowed on him by the all-party Parliamentary Beer Group at its 20th anniversary dinner earlier this week.

■ Those who have browsed the Bank of England’s new online virtual tour – which allows users to see the ins and outs of the historic building on a computer, iOS or Android device – might have noticed some weathered looking posters advertising P&O Cruises when browsing the bank’s gold vaults. Not a sly marketing campaign, but as the bank explained to The Capitalist, the posters are a relic from the War when the vaults were used as a shelter. The posters were apparently a reminder of the good times to come.