Any Other Business - 12/06

Calling all wannabe PR millionaires. The spinner Matthew Young, whose total remuneration package at Lloyds – the bank bailed out by the government but possibly soon to be privatised – was recently revealed as just over £1.2m, is threatening to tell everybody the secret of how it’s done. Young is billed to speak at the CorpComms conference next week and his words of wisdom are entitled “Five Skills for media relations.” Miss it at a loss to your pay packet.

The dust has by no means settled on the news this week that the US government has been using phone records and internet data as part of its Prism surveillance programme. But now the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has come forward, his employer management consultant Booz Allen Hamilton has wasted no time in moving on. Moments before Booz Allen confirmed Snowden had been fired yesterday, eagle-eyed observers spotted a job vacancy on its website for a systems administrator in Hawaii. A remarkably similar, albeit more junior, version of Snowden’s old role.