Any Other Business - 05/08

■ The latest fan of American television show Breaking Bad is none other than the sage of Omaha himself Warren Buffett (pictured). Not only did he recently attend the New York premiere of the show’s final series, but the billionaire also declared the acting to be “superb”. Buffett even got some of show’s stars to film a sketch for the annual meeting of his company Berkshire Hathaway, including actor Aaron Paul. Although a disappointed Buffett joked: “He didn’t bring me any meth.”

■ Congratulations to Joy Ferneyhough, who has just finished her first week as head of strategy and corporate development at Lloyd’s of London insurer Brit. Ferneyhough is a poacher-turned-gamekeeper, having spent 15 years as one of the City’s best-known insurance analysts, most recently with Espirito Santo. So it must have taken something special to make her jump ship. The Capitalist asked the ex-analyst whether she recommended clients to buy Brit’s stock before it was taken private in 2011. “Actually I had a sell rating,” she admitted. “But luckily it’s now a completely different management team so no one remembers.”