Anti-Thatcher protesters trash Argentinian film festival display

AS MONDAY night’s mob of trouble-seekers swarmed in Brixton to make their anti-Maggie feelings known, some were struck by the novel idea of rearranging letters on the Ritzy cinema to spell out the statement: “Margaret Thatcher’s dead.”

A somewhat unimaginative message, one might think, yet perhaps the act was an inadvertent nod to the Falklands victory, one of the most significant periods of Thatcher’s premiership. The Capitalist hears that, in vandalising the sign, the protesters (unknowingly?) trashed the advertisement for an... Argentinian film festival. How will Argentina’s fiery President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner react when she hears of this slight to her country’s artistic culture? We’ll have to wait and see.

Excited archaeologists were last night proclaiming to have found “the Pompeii of the north” (northern Europe, that is) right here in the City. The digging between Cannon Street and Queen Victoria Street – the future location of Bloomberg Place ­– has unearthed 10,000 finds from the Roman occupation of Britain, from the 40s AD to the early 5th century. Among the discoveries are a Gladiator’s amulet, Roman coins, cow skulls and the world’s “largest assemblage of fist and phallus good luck charms from one site.” See for more details.