Andy’s flying start follows Downing Street knock-up

ANDY MURRAY began his Barclays ATP World Tour campaign with a straight sets win over Robin Soderling before revealing he’d prepared for the tournament by having a knock around with Prime Minister David Cameron inside Downing Street.

Mr Cameron had hoped to play in the garden but the weather was too bad. So he took Murray indoors to the State Dining Room, cleared it of furniture and was cheered on from the sidelines during Thursday’s reception by players such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Murray, 23, declined to comment on the outcome of the game but praised the efforts of left-hander Mr Cameron.

He said: “I was scared as I didn’t want to break anything. The Prime Minister was hitting the ball really hard at me.

“I have no idea if everything in there is incredibly expensive but it looked very old-fashioned. I was more scared than embarrassed as the other guys like Rafael and Roger watched.

“There was a chandelier above where the dining table would normally have been. Some of the balls flew dangerously close to it. Mr Cameron looked like he knew what he was doing.”