Android hangs on to top spot in phone wars

GOOGLE’S Android has become the increasingly dominant smartphone software in recent months, and is set to surge further ahead, according to the latest industry data.

Figures from research firm Kantar have revealed that in every geography surveyed, smartphones running Android have gained a bigger slice of sales in the last year.

In the UK, Android accounted for 58.3 per cent of the market in the three months to March, up from 48.3 per cent a year previously. This was largely at the expense of BlackBerry devices, which have seen sales fall from 16.8 per cent of the market to 5.1 per cent. Android has also surged ahead of Apple’s iPhone in markets such as Japan and the US, while it is even more dominant in Europe and Greater China.

Kantar predicted that Android would tighten its grip on sales with the imminent launch of the Samsung’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S4, as well as the new HTC One device. However, although the Android software – which is used in smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony and others – is dominant, no one Android device has managed to overtake the iPhone in the UK.

The research showed that the iPhone 5 is the UK’s top selling model, with the older 4 and 4S models still selling well. Samsung and Apple have eight of the top 10 bestselling smartphones, underlining the two firms’ dominance.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone software is also selling at new highs.