SANDY Jadeja, the chief technical analyst at CityIndex, has such a ferocious work ethic that his colleagues place bets on whether he will actually take time off.

So when he had to make a tough call between presenting a fully-booked spreadbetting seminar to clients or attending his own pre-wedding celebrations, there was only one option: the guests partied at Mayfair’s Montcalm hotel without him.

The clients were happy, but Jadeja’s wife was “absolutely livid” to come second to Fibonacci ratios, risk management and entry criteria, not to mention having her honeymoon downgraded from two weeks in the Maldives to one week on Ischia off the coast of Italy – even though George Clooney was staying on the island at the same time.

Jadeja made amends by cutting off all phone and email communications on honeymoon – the first time in eight years – and promising his wife a three-week trip to the Maldives in December.

Obviously, Jadeja wouldn’t cancel that rescheduled break to speak at a traders’ expo in Las Vegas… would he? “The markets never sleep and Sandy never sleeps,” said Jadeja, who is hoping his wife doesn’t pick up City A.M. this morning. “The Maldives may have to move to January.”

WHEN KEN Olisa, the head of technology merchant bank Restoration Partners, was brutally ousted as a non-executive director of the Eurasian Natural Resources Company, he famously described the boardroom putsch as “more Soviet than City”.

Turning disaster into opportunity, however, Olisa has made his angry parting shot from the FTSE 100 mining group his new calling card – The Capitalist hears he is handing out postcards (pictured right) designed with the catchphrase to his contacts as he sets about replenishing his roster of non-exec appointments...

THE long-anticipated India versus England fund managers’ cricket match organised by equity brokers CLSA was almost a complete walkover by the England side.

Spectators at the HAC ground saw Oliver Bell and John Moorhead from Pictet and JP Morgan’s Alex Robins keep taking wickets with their “mean bowling”, while F&C’s Peter Dalgliesh caught everything behind the stumps “like a man possessed”.

Complete loss of face was prevented by Niranjan Aiyagiri from JP Morgan, who scored 30 runs in quick time to take the Indian side’s total to a “respectable” 100 runs in 19.3 overs – although even if the match hadn’t been cut short due to slippery outfield conditions, it was still clear the England team had won “hands down”.

CHARITY begins with spreadbetting, after today’s launch of a platform designed to allow traders to transform lives in South Asia just by doing their normal job.

Twenty per cent of the top-line revenue from every trade made on BATrustmarkets, the financial spreadbetting platform backed by WorldSpreads, will be donated to the British Asian Trust to invest in education and health charities in South Asia.

“Traders aren’t charged anything extra,” said BATrustmarkets co-founder Alpesh Patel on the “genuine advance in charitable giving”. “Brokers pay from their own top lines; we are just asking traders to do what they do anyway.”