Ameen ‘corrected’ Khan scores

THE MAN accused of interfering with scorecards in British fighter Amir Khan’s double title defeat to American Lamont Peterson has admitted correcting “errors” made by one judge.

Mustafa Ameen, who does not belong to a relevant boxing body, said he was assisting Michael Welsh because the official felt unwell during last month’s IBF and WBA light-welterweight title fight.

“I noticed one error and a subsequent error. I assisted him in correcting it without touching anything,” said Ameen.

Peterson was awarded the fight on 10 December in Washington by split decision and Khan later accused referee Joe Cooper of unfairly penalising him two points.

Ameen said Welsh had erred in tallying his scores for the first three rounds. He added: “I happened to look down and I said: ‘Michael, nine times three is 27’. He said: ‘Oh my God’ and corrected himself. And he said: ‘I’m not feeling well this evening, thank you very much’.”

It comes after the Khan camp withdrew its appeal to the IBF for a rematch just hours before yesterday’s scheduled summit, citing fears they would not be given a fair hearing.