OLD DOGS Comedy with John Travolta and Robin Williams as execs forced to look after kids.

MY LAST FIVE GIRLFRIENDS Brit rom com adapted from Alain de Botton book. Yes, really.

THE SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS Spririted British coming-of-age drama, with Thomas Turgoose.

ZOMBIELAND Enjoyably silly horror fun in which a few kids try to survive in a world overrun by zombies.

THE WHITE RIBBON Auteur filmmaker Michael Hanneke’s dark vision of pre-WW1 Germany.

A SERIOUS MAN The Coen brothers’ off-kilter look at the American Jewish experience.

SUGABABES SWEET 7 is the first album from the girl band since it lost its last original member.

THE WHITE STRIPES A live CD and DVD from the rock duo, called Under Great White Northern Lights.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Album number 11 from the alt-country rockers, titled The Big To Do.

GOD OF WAR III (PS3) Part three in the action-adventure game involving ancient Greek mythology.

COMMAND & CONQUER 4:?TIBERIAN TWILIGHT (PC) The daddy of real-time strategy games returns.

PERFECT DARK (X360) The first-person shooter makes its way to Xbox Live Arcade.