CARS 2 A second helping of the animated motoring adventures for kids.

THE LAVENDER HILL MOB One of the best Ealing comedies, starring Alec Guinness as a bungling crook.

ONE LIFE Captivating nature documentary from the BBC, with Daniel Craig on voice-over duties.


UNKNOWN Liam Neeson gets his action chops going in this stolen identity thriller.

THE KENNEDYS In case you missed it on the Beeb, the saga of the Kennedy family. It’s not that good though.

COUNTRY STRONG Drama with Gwyneth Paltrow as a country singer. I mean really.


KYLIE MINOGUE Compliation celebrating the last decade in the recording career of the Aussie popster.

3 DOORS DOWN Fifth album from the strangely-named US rock group, titled Time of My Life.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT The singer releases a 19-disc box-set spanning his career.


CALL OF JUAREZ: THE CARTEL (PC, PS3, X360) Latest in the Westerned-themed action series.

SUPREME RULER: COLD WAR (PC) Global strategy game in which you run a side in the Cold War.

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: INSECT ARMAGEDDON (PS3, X360) Bug-fighting first person shooter.