POTICHE Dark French comedy starring Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu.

LIFE IN A DAY Inspirational documentary compiled of footage filmed around the world on a single day.

THE MESSENGER Searing drama about the effects of war on US soldiers and their families.


TRUE GRIT The Coen brothers’ remake of the John Wayne classic, with Jeff Bridges.

PAUL Simon Pegg and Nick Frost score comedy gold again in this extra-terrestrial caper.

INSIDE JOB Oscar-winning examination of the causes behind the credit crunch, with debatable conclusions.


BON IVER Eponymous sophomore album from soulful, talented singer-songwriter Justin Vernon.

THE FEELING Power pop also-rans return with third album, Together we were Made.

PATRICK WOLF Fourth album from the prolific musical eccentric, titled Lupercalia.


ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS (PC, PS3, X360) Long-awaited sequel, a horror take on Alice in Wonderland.

CHILD OF EDEN (PS3, X360) Ingenious “rhythm action” game fusing sound, vision and touch.

DUNGEON SIEGE III (PS3, X360, PC, ONLIVE) Just what was needed, more role-playing fantasy bobbins.