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ASTRO BOY The long-running Japanese comics character gets an animated outing.

MALICE IN WONDERLAND The fairytale gets transposed to the UK underworld, with Danny Dyer.

OIL CITY CONFIDENTIAL Punk filmmaker Julian Temple’s documentary about 70s rockers Dr Feelgood.

THE INVENTION OF LYING Ricky Gervais stars and directs this romcom fantasy set in a world free of lies.

SIN NOMBRE Stunning drama about Mexicans refugees making the dangerous trip to the USA.

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC Teen comedy in the mould of Gremlins, but not nearly as good.

HOT CHIP Alexis Taylor and his geeky mates return with more crunchy electronic fun.

CORINNE BAILEY RAE The singer-songwriter returns with a new album, The Sea.

MIDLAKE The tuneful Texan indie group put out their third album, The Courage of Others.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: CALL OF PRIPYAT (PC) Silly name, silly game – first-person shooter sequel, set in Russia.

DANTE’S INFERNO (X360, PSP, PS3) Third-person adventure game loosely inspired by Dante’s poem.

STAR TREK ONLINE Beam down, beam up and fight Klingons in this new internet multiplayer for Trekkies.