BURLESQUE Christina Aquilera makes her film debut in this excerable drama, co-starring Cher.

ANIMALS UNITED Safari-centric kids animation, with James Corden and Stephen Fry among the voices..

LOOSE CANNONS A beautifully-made Italian comedy all about – what else? – the family.

THE EXPENDABLES Sly Stallone and a bunch of other past-it duffers – plus Jason Statham – kick ass.

KNIGHT AND DAY Dumb-as-rocks thriller with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

THE LAST AIRBENDER Lame fantasy hooey from director M Night Shyamalam.

MICHAEL JACKSON Titled Michael, a collection of new songs recorded before Jacko’s passing.

MOTORHEAD The twentieth album from Lemmy and co, called The World is Yours. No Lemmy, it’s yours.

SEAN RYDER Inevitable post-I’m a Celebrity collection on Mondays and Black Grapes favourites.

FABLE III (X360, PC) Action role-playing game, in which you try to overthrow the King of Albion.

TEKKEN 6 (PS3, X360, PSP) Actually the eigth release in the fighting franchise.

SPEED (WII) Racing game in which you work your way from amateur to pro. No sign of Keanu.