LETTERS TO JULIET Romantic drama set in picturesque Italy, with Amanda Seyfried.

BLACK DEATH Medieval twaddle – you know, swords, mud, plague – with Sean Bean.

H2OIL Documentary about the oil industry. Did someone say “timely”?


A SINGLE MAN Colin Firth is on Oscar-nominated form in Tom Ford’s super-stylish drama.

A PROPHET Magnificent, hard-hitting French drama set in a tough prison.

THE WOLFMAN Benicio del Torro and Anthony Hopkins in a Hammer-style horror film.


CHRISTINA AGUILERA The pop diva’s latest album is called Bionic.

THE DRUMS Eponymous debut album from the fashionable New York indie band.

U2 Live album from the world’s biggest band with a singer with a bad back, 360° At The Rose Bowl.


SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 (WII) Sequel for the Wii version of Nintendo’s Italian plumbing mascot.

KING ARTHUR, THE ROLE-PLAYING WARGAME (PC) If ever the title of a game said it all, this is it.

NAVAL ASSAULT: THE KILLING TIDE (X360) Submarine-based war game.