<strong>1. JOSHUA RAYMOND CITY INDEX</strong><br />It was a tough job, picking just one of the City&rsquo;s most strapping gentlemen to grace the top spot, but someone had to do it &ndash; and City A.M.&rsquo;s discerning judging panel were unanimous in their vote for the lovely Joshua Raymond, market strategist at spreadbetter City Index.<br /><br />Joshua started breaking ladies&rsquo; hearts early on in life as a child model for Marks &amp; Spencer, and quickly moved on to acting, starring in the lead roles of many a theatre production at school, including in Shakespeare&rsquo;s King Lear.<br /><br />Now, though he spends his days glued to the markets, Joshua hasn&rsquo;t given up on showbiz &ndash; he has brothers who are in film producing and directing and has written film scripts for them. Perhaps a career in Hollywood awaits?<br /><br /><strong>2. OLIVER FARNHAM KOCH INDUSTRIES</strong><br />A bit of a mystery man, is Oliver &ndash; who works at Koch Industries, one of the largest US private companies, specialising in refining and chemicals, pollution control technologies, minerals and fertilisers, polymers and commodity and financial trading and services.<br /><br />Rather a shy and retiring type, he first nominated a lucky colleague and then got roped in to entering himself, complete with perma-tan, artistically floppy hair and perfect set of pearly white gnashers.<br /><br /><strong>3. STEPHEN GALLO SCHNEIDER FX</strong><br />Stephen hopped across the pond from his native America in 2004 and joined Schneider FX as a strategist in March last year. A fitness buff and keen swimmer, he enjoys cooking, travelling &ndash; and confesses he&rsquo;s &ldquo;a bit of a nerd&rdquo; when it comes to European history and politics. Definitely a thinking woman&rsquo;s crumpet.<br /><br /><strong>4. GUY DE BLONAY HENDERSON NEW STAR</strong><br />Quite possibly the most eligible man in the history of men, Guy manages the New Star Global Financials fund. Apart from the heaps of cash he pulls in, the Swiss funds fox is also born of aristocracy &ndash; his family owns an ancestral castle near Geneva named Chateau de Blonay. Ooh, la la.<br /><br /><strong>5. DAMON BUFFINI PERMIRA</strong><br />The boss of private equity giant Permira, Damon was brought up on a council estate in Leicester and has become one of the City&rsquo;s richest men. A keen football player and Arsenal supporter, he&rsquo;s an outgoing and cheery fella &ndash; and quite the looker, too...<br /><br /><strong>6. DOUG LAWSON NOBLE FUND MANAGERS</strong><br />A senior investment manager, Doug joined Noble in 2005 and has been setting City hearts a-flutter ever since. The Capitalist&rsquo;s compilation of talent isn&rsquo;t the first he has graced, either &ndash; rumour has it he formerly won an award for &ldquo;most dashing fund manager&rdquo;, though I hear that was many moons ago.<br /><br /><strong>7. GREG COFFEY MOORE CAPITAL</strong><br />Perhaps the shyest of all the high-profile fund managers, Greg was the golden boy at GLG Partners until he forfeited a &pound;160m bonus to strike out on his own. He shocked the City again by joining Moore last year, but is said to be happy as Larry with his wife and two equally beautiful young children.<br /><br /><strong>8. MATTHEW CHURSTAIN KBC PEEL HUNT</strong><br />Matthew joined KBC in 2006, having previously worked for KPMG in his native New Zealand. He enjoys playing sport and travelling, though I&rsquo;m told the Kiwi twang doesn&rsquo;t get much of an outing in the office as he&rsquo;s usually a pretty quiet chap. Perhaps this accolade will bring him out of his shell?<br /><br /><strong>9. RUARI MCGIRR ST HELEN&rsquo;S CAPITAL</strong><br />Ruari &ndash; who should probably take the award for the cheekiest chappy in the City as well &ndash; is the chief executive down at stockbroker St Helen&rsquo;s Capital, where he is affectionately nicknamed &ldquo;Bingo&rdquo; after the gorilla from the Sixties cartoon character Banana Splits. Thank goodness he scrubs up well.<br /><br /><strong>10. CRAIG BEEVERS M3 CAPITAL PARTNERS</strong><br />Another City hunk, another nickname &ndash; Beevers, a partner at M3 Capital Partners, is better known as &ldquo;Biggles&rdquo; for his love of planes. Here&rsquo;s a piece of trivia for you: his red SIAI Marchetti SF260 aircraft actually appeared in the last Bond movie. Form an orderly queue, now, ladies&hellip;<br />