Airbus to seek compensation for Rolls-Royce engine failure

Marion Dakers
AIRCRAFT maker Airbus will seek compensation from Rolls Royce for disruption linked to its engine failure on a Qantas flight earlier this month.

Rolls-Royce plans to replace engines in the wake of the Qantas Airbus A380 emergency, when an engine blow-out forced a passenger plane to turn back to Singapore.

“We can’t comment on customers but we can say that any cost Airbus incurs, we will seek full financial compensation from Rolls-Royce,” an Airbus spokesperson said yesterday.

The move means that Rolls-Royce could face a more serious financial impact than thought from the incident.

Airbus, which has almost 200 orders for A380 planes on its books, said disruption caused by the incident could delay deliveries next year.

Qantas said yesterday around 40 Rolls-Royce engines, or around half of those in use in A380 aircraft, will be affected. Qantas’ six A380s have been grounded since the incident. The airline said in a memo yesterday its pilots had struggled to shut down an engine on the flight on 4 November due to debris from the Rolls-Royce engine that severed cables as it broke up mid-flight.