Airbus A350 to get aid from UK

<div>BUSINESS secretary Peter Mandelson yesterday made an offer of financing to help Airbus&rsquo; new A350 jetliner. Airbus, part of defence company EADS, has said the A350 project is expected to cost around &euro;11bn (&pound;9.5bn).<br /><br />Spain is understood to have pledged to stump up &euro;300m for the project, Germany &euro;1.1bn, and France around &euro;1.4bn. Britain would only offer a &euro;500m loan, which it viewed as less of a financial risk.<br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;ve made an offer. We are negotiating with EADS and Airbus,&rdquo; Mandelson said.</div>