Adidas braced for sales dip

SPORTSWEAR giant Adidas said it is braced for further blows to its sales in Japan if there are more power cuts over the summer.

The German company said that although the earthquake and nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant “could have been worse” the state of the country’s power network was unclear.

Adidas has said that its sales in Japan would fall between 15 and 25 per cent as a result of closed shops.

Chief executive Herbert Hainer said: “It will be in the summer months ... there could be more power outages that will affect air conditioning units which make it difficult for shops.”

But he said that overall the depth of the country’s problems were now easier to gauge, allowing businesses to draw up recovery plans.

Heiner’s comments came as he unveiled the company’s target of hitting £100m more UK sales through its partnership with the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Adidas will kit out athletes, including Team GB, with designs by Stella McCartney, in a campaign to steal market share in the UK from arch rival Nike.

The London market is where Adidas struggles and the retailer sees the Games as the perfect springboard for improvement.